Re: [Fwd: SCALE Calls For Non-Profit Exhibitors]


Kevin Harriss wrote:
>> OK - trying to think of apps that might be interested in having a
>> presence and are affiliated loosely with GNOME...
>> Ideas, marketing-list?
> Banshee
> Tomboy
> Gnome-Do
> Some Clutter Stuff
> Those are just some things I thought of off the top of my head that
> might nice to showcase.  It would be a good idea not just to show off
> big name projects that everyone knows about but also some lesser known
> really cool GNOME-ish projects.

In fact, what I was getting at was something like Abiword - a project
that might be big enough to take a stand on its own, but which could
group together with GNOME to have a mroe active stand and create a kind
of GNOME-branded space rather than a simple stand.

And names of people on the east coast to go along with the projects
would rock too ;)

I agree with you that we should choose certain apps to showcase - we
could even go so far as putting some of these on a pedestal, making
posters & fact sheets for them, things like that. I'm sure that the
Banshee or Rhythmbox ones would be great.


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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