Re: [Fwd: SCALE Calls For Non-Profit Exhibitors]

Hi Dave,

Dave Neary wrote:
The people I talked to over at Inkscape suggested that a "Graphics Zone"
with them, the GIMP, CinePaint, maybe Blender might be more appropriate,
and that a "GNOME Zone" would probably be most appropriate for GNOME,
Ubuntu, Foresight, and maybe other GNOME affiliated projects if they
want space.

A graphics zone is a great idea as well, especially one that focuses on open source graphics tools as a whole. We'll look at pursuing it.
I'm not sure... seems to me like asking Ubuntu and Foresight to share a
stand won't work too well, but that said, we're guaranteed to see lots
of GNOME on display...

At this point, both Ubuntu and Foresight have committed to having their own space. I like the idea of the Zones for those groups that aren't able to maintain a booth solely on their own.

Thanks for the input! :)

Gareth J. Greenaway  | g socallinuxexpo org
Voice - 877-831-2569 x130
Southern California Linux Expo

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