merchandising GNOME

I just flipped through Quim's excellent slides from GUADEC and it reminded me of a post that I made here that has never successfully been resolved:

On slide 6 where Quim is extolling people to select a field, one of the bullet points is merchandising.  In a post I made back on May 10th[1], I asked a lot of questions about running a GNOME booth at a conference, in my case Ohio Linux Fest.  It got a whopping 0 responses on the list.  One of the questions that I asked there was this:

3. We've talked about getting and selling T-Shirts before, and I'm
willing to put up some of my own money to seed this. I imagine selling
the shirts for slightly over cost to help me recover some (not all) of
the funds, and then use the rest to keep the venture going. However,
the GNOME foot is trademarked, and thus, I don't believe that I can
legally print up T-Shirts for GNOME and sell them. Can someone who
knows this messy issue help me out here? The only link I can find on
the website is for the old design foot too.

So, does anyone have an answer for this question.  I'm not volunteering to start up a whole marketing campaign, but last year at OLF people certainly wanted to buy stuff with the Foot, which I don't believe I can legally produce because of the trademarked nature of the GNOME logo.  Or am I wrong here?  It seems like I would need permission of some sort because otherwise I could take any trademarked logo and produce my own products with it.  Anyone wanna take a stab at this, what is the legal way for me to print and sell GNOME t-shirts?




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