Re: Re-inventing the GNOME Marketing team

My suggestion is that we really try to keep it to small, easily
accomplishable objectives.  I think what we have is a very small
active number of contributors and a lot of people who contribute 
to discussion.

Once we get the small steps done we can work on larger ones.

I'll participate in an IRC meeting... 


On Mon, Apr 23, 2007 at 10:37:17PM -0400, Ken VanDine wrote:
> Based on the feedback the GMAE thread, let me suggest we re-invent
> ourselves.  I think it is obvious we are needed, but right now we
> really don't have a direction.  Let's fix this!  We have the power to
> do it... we just need to do it.
> Let's organize a brain storming session to get the ball rolling.  We
> should gather a list of major areas of responsibilty, and then get
> folks to take some organization around them and define real goals and
> measure our success.
> How does a IRC meeting sound?  I know that can be hard with all the
> timezones, but the initial brain storming might be more effective
> live.  I am happy to organize this and do whatever else I can do to
> get us moving forward.  I truely believe we can make a difference, but
> without goals we are going no where.
> Thoughts?
> --Ken
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