Re: Spreading the press release/release announcement and collecting press coverage


Claus Schwarm a écrit :
Can you provide a rationale why do you think the time of developers is
so much more valuable than anybody else's time?


I was just talking about efficient organization: to minimize the work
load for everybody, some agreements need to be taken care of. So, if
there's a wiki page to enter stuff by maintainers, it should be used.


And yes: I hope, some people just need a reminder. Some may need two or
more, but at least blog entries about this will be relevant to GNOME.


Also, there's no reason for the responsible people to *not* take a few
more minutes to make some effort on how they describe changes. Of
course, they can continue to mention a keyword and hope the writer
understands it correctly.

OK - it's clear that you're saying all these things to people other than those who should be hearing it.

I'm sure Shawn McCance who leads the documentation project agrees with a lot of what you're saying. In fact, he's probably well placed to make suggestions as to how to improve things, or how to leverage the work the docs team are already doing. The i18n team are also made aware of all interface changes - perhaps they might be able to help.

And you should definitely be talking to the maintainers about this, rather than the marketing list.

And, again, ranting about this stuff won't improve the situation. And haranguing developers isn't going to make them any more eager to document their changes in a marketing-friendly way.

So, please, by all means continue this discussion, but continue it with the relevant people, rather than on the marketing list.


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