Re: Spreading the press release/release announcement and collecting press coverage


Santiago Roza a écrit :
maybe because we didn't have any benchmarks available, i guess.  how
could we have them for future releases?

The Evolution guys had (and sent us) benchmarks, Federico Mena, Ben
Maurer, Cecilia Gonzalez Alvarez, Phillip van Hoof, Behdad Esfahbod...
all of these people have worked a lot on performance for 2.16 (and
2.18), and have been publishing benchmarks on their blogs as they've
been going along. Did anyone think to ask them?

i mean what to measure, with which utilities, and how?
(if i'm supposed to compile gnome from source, don't count on me)

Ask the experts - leverage the expertise we have lying around to get the
word out (and in) - the marketing team is supposed to be the place where
two-way communication can happen, letting people outside know what
people inside are working on, and letting people inside know what people
outside want. If we're not listening to people on either side, we're
badly placed to give advice or communicate.

I'm sorry I didn't bring this up before the release, when it would have
been more useful. Let's just learn the lesson, and make sure our finger
is on the pulse next time, and give kudos where it's due.


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