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On Sun, 2006-09-17 at 21:18 -0600, Gezim Hoxha wrote:
> Why are the two links that should[?] point to the same thing?

The Get Involved block came before the draft of a wgo primary nav bar
with a "Contribute" link. This block is the weakest in the homepage
right column and it might drop if the column gets too stuffed. 

I'm not sure though if, in general, it's wrong to have promos pointing
to pages linked from the nav bar. A promo is a promo, you can play there
with graphics, slogans, other functionality... 

Let's keep both by now and see how it looks like.

> On another note, if we look at the Webpersonas wikipage[1], we'll see
> that out of 5 personas, 3 have zero, 1 has low to medium, and 1 has
> medium free software awareness. Is the layout designed in a way to serve
> these people best?[2]

We are doing everything thinking primarily in our primary audience,
defined at

Good that you mention Web Personas. I was waiting a good moment to
request the personas fans to start making them work for our website. The
five personas listed at need
an updated, they were proposed a long time ago before any other

Now only 2 of the 5 personas could be considered primary targets,
belonging to 2 of the 5 user types we are targeting. We can start
testing the wgo plans against the current 5 personas, but we need a
better representation.

Gezim, would you like to help as Personas' Advocate?

Quim Gil /// |

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