Re: LayoutPlan Clarification

On Sun, 2006-17-09 at 23:00 +0100, LeeTambiah wrote:
> The breadcrumb component has been dropped, and pages have been updated
> have been updated. I have added a new version of the secondary page
> "layoutPlanSecondaryPage0.3.svg". Download the .svg from

Forgive me for I have not been involved in this layout discussion.
However, I noted that there is a "Get Involved" block on the right hand
side (bottom), and also there is a "Contribute" link on the Primary Nav

Why are the two links that should[?] point to the same thing?

On another note, if we look at the Webpersonas wikipage[1], we'll see
that out of 5 personas, 3 have zero, 1 has low to medium, and 1 has
medium free software awareness. Is the layout designed in a way to serve
these people best?[2]



[2] I'm not suggesting it's not. I'm just asking has this been thought

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