Re: Secondary Nav Bar

Quim Gil wrote:
> You have an example at
> where "Business" is the section in the primary nav bar and "Your Money"
> is the page selected from the secondary nav bar.
> There are many examples of websites with General + primary + secondary
> bars displayed horizontally in a header, it's just a magtter of working
> efficiently with the look&feel.
> etc 
> This system gives you more freedom to play with the content underneath
> the header, easing also fluid pages and small resolutions (in a Nokia
> 770 you end up hating vertical nav bars you barely use and they eat your
> screen).
I catch your drift now Quim, I think this is a matter of taste, I do
agree that this way of doing it gives you more space for content quite
naturally. I am quite a fan of side-bars though I think they are more
user friendly, but that's just a personal opinion. Anyone else have any
input so we can come to a decision on which way to go for the position
of this component. If we do adopt this method the breadcrumb component
would be harder to implement, and would be dropped in my opinion.


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