Re: GNOME store


Let's go ahead with these products:

* T-shirts 
  * Polo shirts 
  * Stickers 
  * Mugs 
  * Pins

Killermundi will define the final price for each product and the cut
that would go to the GNOME Foundation. They say though that the price
depends a bit on the volume of sales. Can we make an estimation of the
initial sales?

I have asked also for reduced prices for groups, conferences...


Would it make sense to have the catalog of products in our website and
controlled by us, and then the identification/payment/shipment platform
somewhere else, under the responsibility of the reseller. This way we
would control totally the presentation of the products. Perhaps this way
we could combine in the future the combination of various resellers in
different countries: only one catalog and then the payment platform of
the vendor corresponding to your shipping address.

We are not going to deal with more than one reseller in the first
version of the GNOME store, but it is something to have in mind.


I still think it makes sense to offer the possibility to make a donation
to the GNOME Foundation in the checkout. The user is there, is buying
GNOME stuff, has introduced her data (shipping address etc) and is about
to introduce the credit card / paypal details. It's very easy for her to
add a small donation at that point. Sending her to a different web page
with a different form to make the donation implies that we are probably
to loose that donation.

Quim Gil ///

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