Re: The wgo CMS can't wait more

As a matter of fact I think we can get a decent wgo with the 5 tools, in
an ideal world with no time constraints and a good team of savvy CMS
hackers. But we need to end up with one tool, the one that brings the
best results with the minimum headaches for the type of website we want.

Tiki. I think it's more than a good wiki tool and my friends using Tiki
are in love with it. I agree with Marc that we could have a wgo based on
Tiki (not looking like 90% of Tiki sites) but I have some reasons to
think it can be dismissed for the wgo revamp:

- Localization.
is pretty much what we and many multilingual sites are looking for.
Marc, you seem to be behind these good ideas (congratulations!) but as
far as I see they are ideas by now, no working code. Without this I
don't see an easy way to integrate and maintain multilingual sites with
a good coordination between languages. 

- Look&Feel. Did you see the mockups at ? They are not the final but
they are is consolidated enough to show what's the plan. Considering
Tiki's theming capabilities and also the functionality to have a
customized home page, perhaps we could get there. However, I think it
might take us a lot of work. But well, it is also true that whatever the
choice is theming will be one of the major tasks.

- Learning curve, documentation, support. Tiki is in good condition
here. It seems a system easy to learn and I think we would get support
at several leves from you and the Tiki community in general.

- Security and upgrades. I don't have enough information to evaluate

- User management is ok- I don't have enough information to evaluate the
user integration with other systems, but it's not essential.

- Contributors around. Marc has been helpful and proactive since the
minute he knew about the wgo revamp. I have no doubt he would help if
Tiki would be chosen. However, I'm concerned about the (apparent) lack
of experienced Tiki admins around us. 

For all these reasons I think that being Tiki a very complete tool, it
is probably not the most appropriate option for wgo. We would need to
hack a lot of current functionality while not using most of the great
features Tiki has. We could say it's a nice shoe for another foot.

If we agree on this, we will move for a next candidate to be dismissed.

In any case, I want to thank Marc for his patience and willingness to
help. Respect.

Quim Gil ///

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