The wgo CMS can't wait more

Gergerly is missing, I wish he is doing well and everything. We need to
choose a CMS with or without him, otherwise the timeline gets

Greg had made a perfect plan we haven't followed. I'm going to be the
bad boy and suggest a non-perfect-at-all plan with the aim of getting to
a conclusion soon. Sorry, I think this is all we can do at this stage.

Now we know that the wgo site itself is not big deal from a content
management perspective. 

- The only tough bone is the localization, a big bone though. It seems
that XML import/export is the bottom line to find a workflow compatible
with the i18n needs. The L10n features and performance of the CMS are

- We have a look&feel approach we can test against: CMSs not able to
generate pages looking as we want can be discarded.

- An enjoyable learning curve, good documentation for admins and editors
and responsive support is also needed so new contributors can start
helping without learning an obscure bible.

- Proved security and a good upgrade policy. Unsecure and outdated CMSs
are a plague and we need to fight it.

- A robust user management with fine grained permissions and the
possibility to integrate users with other platforms is something to be
considered as well. Not essential now, but something for the future.

But all the previous is useless if we don't have anyone willing to setup
and custom the beast, so I will add to the list:

- Experienced contributors willing to install, custom and assist the
2.18 release, from now until the end in March. Names and surnames, and
probably also a server to mount the beta system that will be moved to
the GNOME servers once tested (unless the sysadmins have a different

Have your say about this plan. Based on these criteria we will
discarding CMS candidates one by one in the following days.

Quim Gil ///

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