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On Fri, 2006-11-10 at 11:47 +0000, Calum Benson wrote:

> - Looks really nice and clean, but I'd be a little worried that the top
> (black) bar might be too 'hidden'

This was also a concern when we released the general bar...
The thing is to find the balance between a bar that is not hidden but
not too disruptive either.

Wild idea, feel free to forget about it: what if we use tabs for the
general nav bar and segments for the wgo bar? At the end tabs identify a
more diversified relation between items, while segments 'are parts of
the same body'. 

(now comes the wild) We could even consider to apply a not-too-bold
version of the color derivations Máirín is consolidating. Maybe in the
future the webmasters of subsites under each tab want to make a wider
use of "their" color. wgo would have the black/dark grey of the official
GNOME logo.

> - (Wearing noob user's hat) Some of the links seem a bit vague, e.g.

Provide ALL the examples, please.

> what's the difference between the News link and the news I'm looking at
> on the home page

None. The news in the homepage are extracted from, which
is the "News" tab in the General bar. Clicking those news you end up in
pages under n.g.o. This is ok since wgo is a intro/gateway to the rest
of GNOME subsites.

> , and why should I ever need to visit an About page--
> shouldn't all the other pages cover everything 'about' GNOME that I'd
> ever want to know?

This "About" link is almost a convention, isn't it. The rest of pages
feature GNOME-the-software and "About" features GNOME-the-people. Maybe
"About us" would make this distinction clearer? It's the second time I
suggest this change and I do think it would be better.

>   (Btw, has anyone done any card-sorting type
> exercises to check that the categories we think make sense are the ones
> our target audience thinks make sense?)

No, common sense was the only technology I could apply when defining the . Well founded improvements
are always welcome.

Quim Gil ///

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