Re: Header design mock 11/10

--- Calum Benson <Calum Benson Sun COM> wrote:

> - (Wearing noob user's hat) Some of the links seem a
> bit vague, e.g.
> what's the difference between the News link and the
> news I'm looking at
> on the home page, and why should I ever need to
> visit an About page--
> shouldn't all the other pages cover everything
> 'about' GNOME that I'd
> (Btw, has anyone done any
> card-sorting type
> exercises to check that the categories we think make
> sense are the ones
> our target audience thinks make sense?)

No, we haven't.
The breakdown of the wgo site navigation is here:

This was actually agreed last cycle, and we're almost
at the stage of writing the content.
But if you feel we should do that, then I suppose we
can. Although I don't know if anyone other than you
has the experience and the resources to do any
card-sorting  -- I for one wouldn't have a clue where
to begin.

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