Header design mock 11/10

Commenting on the latest design here:

I think it looks fantastic. Big improvement on the
previous version (and I liked that one anyway).

It looks much more open and brighter.
The separation of the general navbar and the local
header works very well.
So does the more prominent GNOME logo.

However... one consequence of this is that it's no
longer in the general bar.
Yet this needs a link back to wgo when it's used on
other gnome site.

I'm not sure what to suggest, as having the foot logo
repeated in the black navbar could look odd.

We could of course declare that the big GNOME is part
of the common header to be used on all sites, but they
may object that it interferes with their current
design. The general navbar should be a single strip
that can be slotted into the top of any page.

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