Getting started on WGO content

Hi all.

I've taken on the task of co-ordinating three of the
goals that are concerned with creating pages of the

The first two in particular are pretty important. They
are the main way into the gnome site for users of
gnome, and for potential contributors to gnome,

At this point, I'm looking at the outline of page
structure that's come from last cycle's goal,
and I'm thinking 'Yikes... How are we going to do

I think the biggest problem is research. 
Just looking at the Get Started section, there is
heaps of stuff I don't know -- what distros do we want
to feature? What can we offer for Windows & Mac
downloads? Where's our LiveCD? Is it up to date, and
who maintains it?

There's going to be a lot of material to write, and
while I can rattle out words quite fast I would
appreciate any help that's on offer.
But as well as writers we need researchers who can go
off and ask questions in the right mailing lists [1]
and then come back with the answers.

Are there any volunteers?

[1] Mailing lists. I hate them. 

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