Re: The way forward

Also reminding previous discussions and pre-conclusions, primarly Luis
Villa was talking about the need to organize all our contacts in a CRM - .
If we are going to collect press contacts we better do it on an
appropriate database tool.

CiviCRM - , the tool Luis was suggesting and I
suggest as well, allows a decentralized maintenance of the database,
which means that you can have   the GNOME press people introducig press
contacts but you can also offer a web page where journalists (and the
profiles you want to add) can introduce and manage their contact details

This database needs to have an owner and this owner needs to be the
GNOME Foundation. I propose to have powered by
Drupal as well (this would help solving other issues this subsite has)
with a CiviCRM integrated.

En/na Claus Schwarm ha escrit:
> We have press contacts persons
> but I'm doubt we have a list of press contacts.

Quim Gil -

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