Re: A printed GNOME Journal for GUADEC?


Claus Schwarm wrote:
Is there any background info? Is there a max. number of pages, for
example?  How many copies we are talking about? 500? 1.000? 5.000?

It's GUADEC, so 500 copies would probably do. The GUADEC program, in A5 format, is usually about 32 pages, bump that up to A3, and we're down to 8 or 12 pages for the conference schedule + sponsors, and (I'd say) 4 pages for articles.

What about color? 4c completely or just the outside pages? DIN A4 or

I assume we're budgeting for B&W, perhaps with a 4-colour cover sheet.

Please don't get me wrong: I do like the idea. But from my point of
view, this looks like lots of work for me and I'd like to know what we
are talking about.

What Quim's proposed is that the content for the programme get done in the normal way, that the ads get handled by him, and that the GNOME Journal provides articles (6 or 7) for a special edition. Reprinting a best-of the past year, if there aren't enough new articles, or perhaps doing interviews with keynotes for cheap column inches, is also an option.

Layout would be something to think about. But the rest isn't any more work than we'll have to do anyway. And we usually pay for the programme to be laid out.

This brings me back to the Alamanac idea in DIN A4 or to a handy DIN A5
program booklet. Even the Alamanac idea is way too much work to
distribute 500 copies in the end.

Like I said, most of the work for A5 brochure and programme would have to be done anyway.


Dave Neary
bolsh gimp org
Lyon, France

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