Re: Tuxmagazine

On Mon, May 02, 2005 at 09:58:10PM -1200, Glynn Foster wrote:
> Don't get too worked up about the quote that I had above - that was
> really just to incite people, and get a discussion started. I'm not so
> much worried about the polls that they get their data from. I'm more
> worried about the content and quality of the GNOME articles - is this
> something that we can have some sort of influence over?

Dunno, but we do have our own magazine that we do have control
of the content for the most part.  I would be more interested in
getting these magazines to use our GNOME articles instead especially
if they are widely read. (people should step up to write articles too :P)

If we could get our advisory team to also export some our articles to
internal IBM or something that would rock.  There's probably ways to do

> Why is that? Why are 99% of the Linux magazines out there KDE based?
> Seems like there are important questions to answer for the marketing
> group.

I think because KDE is perceived to be the dominant desktop (despite
the fact that I think a lot of apps are GTK+ based, some people
really hate C++(1) :-)  Most of Europe is using it aren' they not?
I think most of the linux magazines are European based (at least the
"fan" ones)


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