Re: Increasing membership of marketing-private


Jeff Waugh wrote:
<quote who="Dave Neary">

I would like to get more of the marketing team onto marketing-private.
That way, we have more input from people from the community, improving
communication. I would like to keep it invitation-only, though, to make
sure that we don't get stuck in endless discussions when we just need to
get a release out the door.

Yes, the objective was to have a meritocratic system of 'promotion' (for
want of a better word) for people who are doing awesome marketing stuff to
join marketing-private, so that it is not wholly on the shoulders of the
Foundation board. The process of handling 'promotion' was not decided back
when the lists were first created - indeed, a formal process may not be

Yes, you're dead right (as are the others who contacted me). The marketing-private list was intended to be invitation only, as I said. Which means coming out with something resembling "get 'em while they're hot" was inappropriate.

Apologies to those who contacted me already about this - I'll reply to you privately. But for the moment, until we've discussed it a bit, it's best that we don't add anyone, and when we do, it'll be off-list invitations only. Sorry for stepping over bounds.


Dave Neary
bolsh gimp org
Lyon, France

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