Re: Create your own customised GNOME liveCD

On 7/26/05, Corey Burger <corey burger gmail com> wrote:
> Wow, that was a lot of anger.


> I am not advocating that gnome stop marketing itself. I am merely
> saying that once you start installing something on a machine, you have
> to support it. And no, gnomesupport is not the kind of support I am
> talking about. I am talking about security patches and similar non-fun
> stuff.

Hey, have I lately talked about KLA? :) Did I mention that they are
spreading out 50.000 copies to schools in France? They are two and a
half part time developers. There are no timely security updates. And
look how well Microsoft supports its users with spyware infected
computers. The only software on a desktop system that needs updates is
the web browser.

No, no, no :o) I don't understand marketing that gives away lots of
its possible effect for being holier than the pope :^)

> If Gnome wants to go this path and become a distribution in and of
> itself, that is fine, but I doubt that that is what your average gnome
> hacker wants.

My guess is that the average hackers wants as many people to use his
software as possible. That is kind of applause for the artist :)
GNOME does not need to become a distribution by itself it simply can
plug to something existing.


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