Re: media files

Luis Villa wrote:
I'm hoping to get these onto a test liveCD shortly, we'll see about that :) Anyway, this means I'm going for 'good' and not 'perfect'.
I'd love, of course, for others to come and help out and get it
closer to perfect.

On this wiki, you'll find DaveNeary saying:

Perhaps I don't understand all the issues, but don't we already ship
codecs for mp3? Plus, the point is to showcase the GNOME desktop, and
a big part of that is interoperability with existing 'de facto'
standards like .doc, .xls, .ppt and .mp3

As for interoperating with MP3 files, that's just not possible in software patent encumbered countries like the US because there is no free software MP3 player (the ostensibly free MP3 programs can't be distributed without paying the MP3 patent license fee). Now, technologically speaking, this is not a problem because there's nothing MP3s can do that we can't do better with Ogg Vorbis. Anyone concerned with supporting superior technology has no problem dumping their MP3s and using unencumbered Ogg Vorbis instead. But some are not concerned with software freedom or (in this particular case) using the best available technology.

Conflicts between software freedom and interoperability are not addressed in the wiki page and related GNOME marketing thread I've read thus far. Is it more important to distribute software that can play patent-encumbered and proprietary formats, or is it more important to showcase free software? Or is the goal something completely different?

Clearly the parent post is calling for feedback, but it's hard to know what to say about the project when one doesn't know what the goals are.

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