Re: media files

You need to slow down and read the post differently. You have substantially misinterpreted what I wrote and apparently provoked yourself into being offended when I said nothing offensive. I asked questions that would help me understand what the project was about. As I said before, none of the documents pointed to thus far indicate what the goal of the project is. Therefore it's hard to participate along the lines the poster clearly wanted feedback on. Without understanding the goals of the project, outsiders can't jump in and comment intelligently.

On media file formats, you should know that some are worked on particularly because of the intersection of free software and patent restrictions. Software patents adversely affect all but the largest software developers, but some adverse impact is felt by free software developers more. Ogg Vorbis, for instance, was invented because of the restrictions limiting the use of MP3 in free software. The licensing schedule for MP3 is widely known about. One can find it online at Not all file formats are patent-encumbered, some are just hard to work with because proprietors change them in order to prevent interoperability (Microsoft Office file formats, for instance).

But other project managers look at the situation differently, using a different metric altogether. You, for instance, said that you want to provide an interoperable choice. This would suggest that you are interested in media formats that aren't as fully supported in free software (like MP3, RealAudio, etc.) as other formats are.

These are points that are not at all clear when reading the wiki page or the GNOME-marketing thread pointed to earlier. They will directly affect what people suggest you add or remove from the demonstration media files. Please do try harder to read things without malice. Some people are just trying to figure out what is important to your project so they can comment in a way that others in the project have asked for.

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