Re: Gnome community


David Neary wrote:
> We're gone way off-topic for the marketing list, though... is
> there another forum more appropriate?

I think we should not move the dicussion. Our webpages are to central means
to communicate with users and developers (including private users and dev's,
government, companies, and ISV's) - all of them are potential target groups.

Jeff's plan has its merits: Consider a whole bunch of users would start
discussing 3.0, for example - I could harldy resist althought a few
sentences scared me to death.

The disadvantage is that mistakes like the introduction of GConf, Spacial
Nautilus, etc. will probably happen, again.

I don't think, our users need a wiki: GNUCash, GNOME Love, and the keyring
manager is development, so it should move indeed. The rest, as far as I see
(FAQ, IRCChannels, Mailing lists, Tips and Tricks), is only interesting from
a beginnner's point of view, so it should be on -> users. The list
of ported apps is irrelevant, today.



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