Re: real marketing or just catchy slogans?

> I'm going to pimp even though I've never used it
> and don't have w32. It looks to my naive eyes that it could be as simple
> as adding another kernel and a bit of runtime to a live CD.

i've tried colinux on win32, and believe me, it's FAR from "just
working".  a real average user will dump it in 2 minutes, because
after the default install you need to read documentation and configure
stuff (especially networking) before you're able to play with it.

if it just worked, it'd be a great tool to test-drive gnome.  i wish i
could contribute to that, but it seems like i lack some technical
skills  =(

Santiago Roza
Departamento I+D - Thymbra
santiago roza thymbra com

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