Re: How interested in promoting GTK apps? [was Re: real marketing or just catchy slogans?]

> - How interested is the GNOME project promoting Epiphany and the GNOME
> Office tools over Firefox and (we could add here
> Evolution vs Thunderbird).

I don't think there's much to gain from promoting Epiphany. I think we've
lost that struggle with the distros, because the Firefox brand is so
strong. Luckily, Firefox loves GNOME and is far better than Mozilla was
when Epiphany started.

Abiword appears to be a better Word processor, and maybe be a good way to
show the GNOME easyness/friendliness. Surprisingly (to me) Apple has had
some success with their new usable word process (Pages), though it's not
like MS-Word. I suspect that a relaunched Abiword could have a Firefox
effect because people hate MS-Word so much. If it happened, it could be an
ambassador for the GNOME brand.

But the problem is that there's a huge demand for OpenOffice as an MS
Office equivalent, and we benefit greatly from that demand being
satisfied, and we don't want to undermine that.

> - I think I have read from Murray, Dom and others that tools like
> Epiphany and Abiword are somehow better, but... what are the arguments
> to afirm this and do we want to promote them?
> - In general, how strong and valid is the whole GTK thing to be marketed
> as something distinctive, genuine and worth to test and enjoy?

I see no need to have separate GTK+ and GNOME brands. Let them be GNOME


Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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