Re: How interested in promoting GTK apps? [was Re: real marketing or just catchy slogans?]

En/na Murray Cumming ha escrit:

> I see no need to have separate GTK+ and GNOME brands. Let them be GNOME
> applications.

This is all I wanted to read. If it's clear we have 'GNOME applications'
able to run on MS Windows, then we can shameless promote GNOME as (also)
damn good free software you can easily download and try on MS Windows
(as well).

Combining this with the rest of the debate of the last week, now I turn
my head back and I see "GNOME is a Unix and Linux desktop suite and
development platform" far far behind.

Maybe we can come up with an alternative to this short definition easy
to change in the homepage in combination with an updated page. We don't need weeks of research on
personas to do this, don't we? Nor we need to revamp in order
to make these 2 changes happen.

Quim Gil -

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