Re: GNOME-Windows-CD

<quote who="Thilo Pfennig">

> is there allready a GNOME Windows-CD? I think this should have:
>  1. provide our best GNOME tools, GNOME destop images
>  2. maybe also a solution  with Cygwin to run GNOME alternatively
>  3. Maybe a GNOME installer that wipes out Windows or has the ability
> to save the existing documents to a new partition.

The Ubuntu LiveCD and the OpenCD both include a bunch of Windows software (a
few GNOME apps in the mix, but they could do with more) and a LiveCD image
of the Ubuntu desktop. I *think* the GNOME LiveCD has dropped the Windows
software to fit more into the live image.

Crucial thing to happen to make this rock *really* hard is that we need more
easy builds and installers for GNOME apps on Windows.

- Jeff

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