How interested in promoting GTK apps? [was Re: real marketing or just catchy slogans?]

Precisely today I was thinking about Epiphany and the GNOME Office suite.

GTK is something specific to GNOME, and GTK can be the horse of Troja of
GNOME in the MS Windows world as (Dave?) pointed recently: you can just
download and try.

But then we have and the Mozilla family as two of the
most known and successful free software projects, and they also can be
downloaded and tried in MS Windows. They are not part of the GNOME
project, yet they are GNOME-friendly.

En/na Dan Winship ha escrit:

> (And what are we going to convince end users of anyway? "Use GNOME! It
> has Epiphany! [Unless you're using Red Hat, SUSE, or Ubuntu. Or anything
> else.] It doesn't have an office suite!" 

My questions are:

- How interested is the GNOME project promoting Epiphany and the GNOME
Office tools over Firefox and (we could add here
Evolution vs Thunderbird).

- I think I have read from Murray, Dom and others that tools like
Epiphany and Abiword are somehow better, but... what are the arguments
to afirm this and do we want to promote them?

- In general, how strong and valid is the whole GTK thing to be marketed
as something distinctive, genuine and worth to test and enjoy? I am no
programmer so I have no idea about 'the quality of the product', altough
I kind of smell possibilities for being one original piece in our
marketing puzzle.

Quim Gil -

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