Re: Tarzan and Jane - GNOME personas 2005

Le mercredi 07 décembre 2005 à 15:17 +0100, Dave Neary a écrit :
> Hi,
> Marcus Bauer wrote:
> > Sounds all very good. Here are my suggestions for five personas:
> > 
> > Jane, 19yo, college student.
> > Tarzan, 30yo, no kids, running a small business
> > Doris, 35yo, two kids, parttime job freelance design
> > Cary, 45yo, "decision maker desktop" IT dept. of 200 employee company
> > Miss Ellie, 60yo, 4 grand children
> > 

> Doris & Miss Ellie don't seem to me to fit the bill. 

My idea behind Doris is that she is mother of two kids -let's say six
and ten. Thus she stands for the "parents" group and is therefore
looking for software for kids and would like to surveil/restrict her
kids internet use. As a freelance she will be happy to use gimp,
inkscape and scribus (yes, she is not religious about gnome) instead of
shelling out hundreds of dollars for adobe for little extra use. As
opposed to Tarzan no need for sophisticated business software (ERP,CRM
etc.blabla...). Being more the creative type she is not to much into
tech and usually doesn't care about backup until its too late.

Of Miss Ellie I thought as the grandparent generation, grown up with
dial phones and mechanical typewriters and little affinity to technology
but is using computers to write and print letters, save recipes, surf
the internet and write emails. Likes the simplicity of an old transitor
radio: on/off-loundness and a knob for station search. Just needs to be
plugged in. No cabling, no wiring, no equalizer, no narrow-bandwidth
station sharpener, no RDS, no DMT, no....

> Perhaps Chad, a 
> lead programmer at Cyberdyne Computers, a company writing software and 
> considering a port to Linux, would be a better fit for a 3rd party 
> developer?
You are absolutly right, I missed him out. 
He will care about IDEs, toolkits, libraries, Java vs. mono, .net,
available documentation, license issuses of gtk vs. qt. 

>  And it'd be cool if Tarzan could have a blog that gets read 
> by over 5,000 people per day. 
yep, imho fits the profile.

> And how about having Cary be the IT 
> manager for a mid-European town council, or perhap a small county in the 
> UK, or a French school district, rather than a private company?
I would agree to that too (just my humble opinion)

> And we could replace Miss Ellie with Caroline, a product manager at a 
> leading distribution of Linux?

Like I said I wouldn't replace Ellie, but adding Caroline seems a very
good idea. However I would call her Fleur and let her be the editor of a
linux magazine ;-). Maybe just the editor of the tech section of a

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