Re: Tarzan and Jane - GNOME personas 2005


Marcus Bauer wrote:
Sounds all very good. Here are my suggestions for five personas:

Jane, 19yo, college student.
Tarzan, 30yo, no kids, running a small business
Doris, 35yo, two kids, parttime job freelance design
Cary, 45yo, "decision maker desktop" IT dept. of 200 employee company
Miss Ellie, 60yo, 4 grand children

These five personas should sum up to at least 80% of society. The have
different needs and should be well definable.

The personas we're aiming to create aren't supposed to be representative of society, but representative of our target markets.

Doris & Miss Ellie don't seem to me to fit the bill. Perhaps Chad, a lead programmer at Cyberdyne Computers, a company writing software and considering a port to Linux, would be a better fit for a 3rd party developer? And it'd be cool if Tarzan could have a blog that gets read by over 5,000 people per day. And how about having Cary be the IT manager for a mid-European town council, or perhap a small county in the UK, or a French school district, rather than a private company?

And we could replace Miss Ellie with Caroline, a product manager at a leading distribution of Linux?


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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