Re: Desktop personas (draft)

%> I disagree. What you're doing is creating living, breathing characters
> which represent your target audiences.

yeah, and i agree with this of course.  what i don't like is the idea
of creating "living" characters, at the cost of making them A LOT less
representative of your target audience.

for example, alex replaced marcus' typical teenager with someone who
uses openoffice, firefox and gaim... that must be like 5% of
18-year-olders (who have computers), with the other 95% not even
knowing that alternatives to ms office, internet explorer and msn
messenger actually EXIST.

alex's "persona" is very alive and all, but 95% non-representative...
and i don't want that, because we're not writing a novel but
segmenting our markets.

Santiago Roza
Departamento I+D - Thymbra
santiago roza thymbra com

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