Re: GNOME's Target Markets

Quim Gil wrote:
En/na Ken VanDine ha escrit:

We shouldn't be specifically targeting
developers any more, we should focus on getting mainstream users.  When
they come the developers follow.

Well, it seems Google thinks the other way round. Many times they have
released something new (beta) seducing first the hackers of the free
software community, knowing that of they get excited other may come beind.

Mozilla has been successful just by following the same way.

What's more, even if you are Nike, Sun, Sony, Nokia, BMW or Microsoft in
order to hit the mainstream you need a budget out of GNOME's calculations.

I agree with Quim, mostly - GNOME doesn't need "developers" so much as cool. And to be cool, cool people need to use your stuff. And developers are more cool than mainstream users in general.

Calvin Klein is (was?) cool because cool people used it. Cool made popular. Popular meant not cool. People moved on to Prada, Gap, or whatever.

We need momentum users - users who go out, and are proud of the stuff they use, tell people about it, and their blogs get read by millions of people who want to be a little more like them, and so they use it, and like it, and tell people about it, and...

All of a sudden, we're running volunteer funded full page ads in the New York times.

We *probably* have a bigger user base than KDE. Because GNOME comes by default on an awful lot of Linux. But we definitely run second in the momentum users stakes. Any online poll will tell you that. And getting the momentum users is all about being simple, surprising and cool. Being both simple and surprising is hard. Think of the first time you hit Ctrl-F in Firefox 0.7 or 0.8 and you didn't have a windo pop up. I remember what I said to myself - "Cool!" - and then I told a bunch of other people.


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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