Re: GNOME's Target Markets

I don't like calling GNOME a development platform.  I think that is
obvious and makes us sound to techie, and could drive away technophobes.
I think "GNOME is a Unix and Linux desktop suite" is enough (maybe it
should be even simpler and snappier).  The development platform is just
something that comes with it.  We shouldn't be specifically targeting
developers any more, we should focus on getting mainstream users.  When
they come the developers follow. 

Just my $0.02

On Thu, 2005-12-01 at 13:43 +0100, Murray Cumming wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-12-01 at 18:03 +0530, Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay wrote:
> > Without straying too far from the topic - What is GNOME ? Or as someone
> > recently asked me in one session for college kids (WTF is guh-nome)
> >From
> "GNOME is a Unix and Linux desktop suite and development platform."
> In more depth:
> Improvements welcome.
> -- 
> Murray Cumming
> murrayc murrayc com

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