Re: Splash and background for 2.12 livecd

YetZero wrote:

Sorry about not giving the xcfs, but I still don't have where to store
em. And I don't know if I could just attach them in a mail, they're a
bit overweight :) If anyone is interested in the sources, I could send
them to you.
Yes, if you could send them to me, that would be great!
I could then put them on my webspace or upload them in the wiki so others can edit them aswell.
- Andreas

2005/8/22, Andreas Nilsson <nisses mail home se>:
Terance Edward Sola wrote:

man, 22,.08.2005 kl. 17.28 +0200, skrev Andreas Nilsson:

As the release of 2.12 is coming closer by the day, and I guess that the
livecd will come out at about the same time I thought it would be nice
to have some artwork finished for it by then.
I took the liberty of removing the GUADEC logo in YetZeros images,
making them less noisy. Hope that is ok.

Andreas, I would say that not only the wallpaper, but you as well is a
great contribution to GNOME :-)


Oh, thanks!
Well, it wasn't me who did these, it was YetZero, I just fixed them up a
bit (removed a guadec logo to be precise). Thank him.
- Andreas
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