Re: Splash and background for 2.12 livecd

These look great. I will build a liveCD with them late tomorrow night
(probably morning for the europeans :) If you have time tomorrow,
could you whip up a matching bootsplash as per the instructions here:

(search for 'To create a custom splash screen:')

Thanks- these rock-

On 8/22/05, Andreas Nilsson <nisses mail home se> wrote:
> As the release of 2.12 is coming closer by the day, and I guess that the
> livecd will come out at about the same time I thought it would be nice
> to have some artwork finished for it by then.
> I took the liberty of removing the GUADEC logo in YetZeros images,
> making them less noisy. Hope that is ok.
> sources:
> - Andreas
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