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about the trademarks issue, I guess we could put something like "if you or the company you work for provide any way to get the gnome desktop, <a href="" link with someone dedicated to this page>please let us know!</a>, that way they cannot say that we didn't gave them a way to appear on the linux distributors page. The same for the proyect page, only that proyects needs to be selected 'cause we only have to showcase the highlights, the best gnome software only, I guess the most used (gimp, rhythmbox, bmp, firefox, dia, epyphany, gaim, etc) and exiting some new proyects (dashboard, beagle, etc)

2005/8/16, Quim Gil <qgil interactors coop>:
I like it. A couple of thoughts.

Mmmm GNOME itself is not defined. It shouldn't be assumed that people
landing in this page already knows that is a Linux desktop.

A Free and Universal Desktop

With a simple, straightforward interface that everyone can use, GNOME is
a free desktop that removes distractions and makes computing fun. No
need to worry about viruses, complexity, or incompatibilities- GNOME
Just Works.

I would remove "again". It adds a nostalgia feeling that is unknown by
most of "everyone" that a) don't know that computers were fun anytime or
b) don't think that computers aren't fun nowadays (even if they only use
proprietary software).

> Easy to get
> With support from Novell, Red Hat, Sun and many others, getting GNOME
> on your Linux or Solaris desktop has never been easier- just [link to
> ~davyd/footware/]click here[/] to find out how to become a GNOME user
> today.

Do we need to put trademarks/companies here? I know GNOME owes them a
lot, but the risk of making others feel excluded are high. For instance,
what about Canonical/Ubuntu who is being a very popular GNOME showcase
for many new Linux users? I'm sure others may find other examples.

How about:

Easy to get

Becoming a GNOME user has never been easier. GNOME is the default
desktop [supported by many Linux distributions] and [Solaris].
distributions. Through its programming language GTK, GNOME is also
inside of [software used by millions] of users, also in other desktops.

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