I need for some copywriting for gnome.org

I am once again in need of people who can actually write. This time it's for the gnome.org frontpage. Currently the front of gnome.org is filled with lots of text that few will read. So, I cooked up a mockup with some text and pretty pictures. As you all know, I can't write, so I just threw something together. As always you can expect a huge amount of spelling errors and wierd sentences.

Simple, yet powerful

With combination of a stable ground and a simple,
straightforward interface, the GNOME Desktop
makes computing fun again.
The GNOME runs ontop of Linux, Solaris
and every other flavor of UNIX out.

And it doesn't stop there
GNOME is also a powerful development platform with
technologies as GTK and gstreamer among others.

What suit fits you the best?

You can choose from a wide variety of GNOME software
vendors to get the support and features that suit your needs.

And here is the mockup at it's current state:

- Andreas

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