Re: I need for some copywriting for

> And here is the mockup at it's current state:

I like the mockup. Here is a try at cleaning up the language:

Simple and Universal

With a simple, straightforward interface that everyone can use, GNOME
removes distractions and makes computing fun again. No need to worry
about viruses, complexity, or incompatibilities- GNOME Just Works.

Powerful and Flexible

GNOME is not just for our millions of users- GNOME is also a powerful
technology platform for developers to write advanced, sophisticated
applications on. [maybe include a link here to a fancy page showing
the 'greatest hits of GTK/GNOME', like gimp, inkscape, sabayon,
evolution, gok, abiword/gnumeric, firefox/ooo, etc.?]

Easy to get

With support from Novell, Red Hat, Sun and many others, getting GNOME
on your Linux or Solaris desktop has never been easier- just [link to
~davyd/footware/]click here[/] to find out how to become a GNOME user

How does that fit?

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