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On 4/22/07, Steve Lee <steve fullmeasure co uk> wrote:
Wiki updated.

I have a couple of wrinkles on Ubuntu. With sound juicer playing a CD
LSR starts OK but speech just didn't work. Worse when killing you get
in a state when each system event takes some 7 seconds to be processed
and it's minutes before LSR finally exits. I can raise a bug if you

Known bug with nearly all TTS systems on Linux. They're all using OSS,
not the modern ALSA API. Therefore, they try to hog the soundcard
exclusively when speaking. No one has come up with a satisfying fix to
this besides hacks which get the raw waveform data and re-route it
through ALSA. Ugly.

The other issue is that  'python' fails with device
warnings for no input and output and no speech so I guess install does
something important on Feisty.

If you don't need to hack the LSR core, you don't need to run from the source distribution. You want to run "lsr" which
will use the profiles and extensions that were configured at install

If you do want to touch the core, then you need to initialize LSR to
run from the source distro by making it aware of the extensions and
initializing the default profiles.

cd lsr/src
chmod +x
./ --init-global
./ --init-profiles
./ -p developer # to run under the devel profile, for example

Now any changes you make in lsr/src which be accounted for when you
run If you just want to work on extensions, though, you do
not need to use this method. Just run lsr and use the command line
switches to register your extension, create a profile, associate an
extension with a profile, etc.


On 4/22/07, Peter Parente <parente gmail com> wrote:
> > For the record on a clean Ubuntu7.01 Feisty Fawn (debian based) I needed
> >
> > sudo apt-get install gnome-common at-spi desktop-file-utils
> > python2.5-dev libglib2.0-dev
> Cool. I'll update our wiki, unless you have already.
> > and subversion for the source
> > Interestingly the make didn't seem to need to do anything much.
> Correct. I think automake generates pyc and maybe pyo files from
> source during make. I think the translation files are also compiled.
> But, beyond that, it's Python. Compiling doesn't mean much. :)
> > LSR runs fine and picks up eSpeak without any extra work other than
> > turning on accessibility. The mag perk is ok too. Ctrl+Z hangs
> > everything - perhaps an X thing?
> Good to hear espeak and the magnifier worked with zero config. Ctrl+Z
> definitely does hang everything. This is a known AT-SPI registry bug
> that's tough to crack.
> Pete
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