Re: prereqs in Ubuntu

Wiki updated.

I have a couple of wrinkles on Ubuntu. With sound juicer playing a CD
LSR starts OK but speech just didn't work. Worse when killing you get
in a state when each system event takes some 7 seconds to be processed
and it's minutes before LSR finally exits. I can raise a bug if you

The other issue is that  'python' fails with device
warnings for no input and output and no speech so I guess install does
something important on Feisty.

On 4/22/07, Peter Parente <parente gmail com> wrote:
> For the record on a clean Ubuntu7.01 Feisty Fawn (debian based) I needed
> sudo apt-get install gnome-common at-spi desktop-file-utils
> python2.5-dev libglib2.0-dev

Cool. I'll update our wiki, unless you have already.

> and subversion for the source

> Interestingly the make didn't seem to need to do anything much.

Correct. I think automake generates pyc and maybe pyo files from
source during make. I think the translation files are also compiled.
But, beyond that, it's Python. Compiling doesn't mean much. :)

> LSR runs fine and picks up eSpeak without any extra work other than
> turning on accessibility. The mag perk is ok too. Ctrl+Z hangs
> everything - perhaps an X thing?

Good to hear espeak and the magnifier worked with zero config. Ctrl+Z
definitely does hang everything. This is a known AT-SPI registry bug
that's tough to crack.


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