Project name

I declare my final suggestion on the name: giovanni.
Think Don Giovanni, use your imagination ;-).

And lets not add a lib prefix, since we pretty much may want to
include applications in it (the user configuration applet, etc.)
We work in the giovanni module.  Inside that, the libraries go
into libsomething.

I suggest we follow the Glib/Gtk+ naming convention and prefix
all libraries involved with the same major prefix.  That makes
users feel they are using one unified library, which is good.
The prefix then can be gvni for example, gvni_locale_foo,
gvni_unicode_bar, gvni_cldr_lowlevelfoo, etc...

Vote in.

On Mon, 2005-08-29 at 14:46 +0200, Bruno Haible wrote:
> The desire to not use glib is not a joke:
> ...
> hence a dependency on a desktop GUI library is not welcome.

Just for the record, I should mention that glib is by no means a
GUI library.  It's a C convenience library, which is much
appreciated as soon as you write your first application based on
it.  This happened for me in the past couple of weeks, and I
cannot imagine myself writing applications from scratch without
using it.  Just to list a few features that I used from glib:

  - GHashTable: Hash tables.
  - GSList: Linked lists.
  - GKeyFile: .ini-like config file handling.
  - GMainLoop: Main loop with timeouts.
  - GString: autoresized strings.
  - GIOChannel: line-oriented file IO with automatic buffer management.
  - GLog: log level/message handling.

and going to switch from getopt to GOption pretty soon.  These
makes life with C quite a lot easier.  Remember how much time you
have to spend on simply formatting and updating the output of
--help from your program?  Or autoresizing your buffers?  Glib
provides pretty much what is granted with almost every other
programming language, with a low overhead.


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