Roozbeh Pournader wrote:
> Perhaps we should have an environment variable for these, or one for
> each. Perhaps one could set LOCALE to
> "collation=phonebook,currency=DDM"?

Going with the POSIX environment variable spirit, the user will have two
ways to use such variants:

   a) set LANG or LC_ALL to "de_DE collation=phonebook,currency=DDM"

   b) set LANG to "de_DE"
          LC_COLLATE to "de_DE collation=phonebook"
          LC_MONETARY to "de_DE currency=DDM".

> But something we can't map easily, is the part after the "@". These are
> low-level customizations, as opposed to higher level customization which
> a user may have. These are not like a fixed set like a few alternate
> selectors really, but are dynamic. These are not like the LC_* things
> that map to another locale either.

The glibc-borrowed code already splits locale names at particular characters,
yielding a matrix of possible file names to look for. This code would need
to be extended to cover the new options semantics. It's in


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