Roozbeh Pournader wrote:
> I don't like this. I prefer that the user doesn't set LC_ALL at all but
> sets a new environment variable, defined like LANGUAGE, containing a
> list of CLDR locales to choose from. The glibc locale name does not have
> all of CLDR locale name's power, which will limit the library's
> functionality.

I don't agree on this. glibc and CLDR provide different data for the same
things. A setting of LC_ALL=fa_IR should switch all CLDR data to Persian,
not only the part for which glibc has APIs.

The difference regarding the locale name is only a minor point. We can
build a 1-1 mapping between those naming conventions, and anyway, the
vast majority of users have a locale named   ll_CC, which is valid in
both ways.


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