Re: [libxml++] Glib::ustring, lBoost Lib, and libstdc++

> De la part de Tom Browder

> A couple of years ago I participated in a thread here discussing 
> decoupling libxml++'s dependency on the whole of Glib and friends.
> Among other things discussed was possible substitutes for ustring.
> Now I've come back to ask if there has been any thought to proposing 
> that ustring be made a member of the Boost library (for possible 
> future incorporation into the C++ standard library).

UTF8 string are certainly considered for the C++ standard. They would probably not look like Glib::ustring, however, but like an instanciation of basic_string with a specific char_trait. Here are last versions of the standard evolution papers about UTF8 support in the standard: (UTF8 litteral) (UTF8 char) (UTF8 in the SL)


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