Re: [libxml++] segmentation fault on solaris 10

Hi Jane,

You should definitely try and use the last version (1.0.5 on the 1.0.x branch).
If you still have the problem, please precise what compiler you use,
and send a complete backtrace.



2005/10/12, jane J <janmoon20 yahoo com>:
> Hello,
>  I'm a new user of libxml++ and solaris. I do need help for the
> following problem:
>  when I use libxml++1.0.1 on solaris 10, it had the sementation fault
> even I only tested the dom_parser example. I've already tried to put the
> "xmlpp::Document::Init init;" in the main program, but it alway remind me
> with a compile error of "the Init is
> private".  What shall I do to fix this problem? or if the later version of
> libxml++ had already fixed the problem?
> By using gdb, the fault occured (for the dom_parser example) at line:
> >  Glib::ustring nodename = node->get_name();
>  in the method:
> > void print_node(const xmlpp::Node* node, unsigned int indentation =
> 0)
>  Thank you very much!
>  Jane
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