RE: [libxml++] [ libxmlplusplus-Patches-719921 ] patch to make it compile on NetBSD

> From: Stefan Seefeld [mailto:seefeld sympatico ca] 
> Christophe de Vienne wrote:
> > Le Vendredi 11 Avril 2003 22:45, a écrit :
> > And if this could happen, it would probably be better to 
> throw an exception.
> > 
> > Stefan, since you wrote this part, what's your opinion ?
> yes, absolutely. I had this code there because the set of 
> node wrapper types
> wasn't/isn't complete yet, i.e. 'processing instructions' and 
> others aren't
> covered. As I used that 'in house' I meant to track these 
> messages and add
> the missing types. Of course in a production environment 
> there shouldn't be
> any missing wrappers at all, or at least the system should 
> bail out with
> a meaningful message. I'd suggest assert(), as the situation 
> really hints
> at a bug in libxml++, not an (runtime) exceptional situation 
> that could /
> should be treated by application code.

If something needs to be done could we please at least list it in a
sourceforge libxml++ bug?

What node types still need to be implemented?

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

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