Re: Need help on programming Client Certificate based authentication..

I feel the "ssltest" file code is to check the authentication of the server certificate only.
As per my knowledge, incase of client certificate based authentication, the application has to provide password to retrieve the private key from the Certificate.
So that HTTP library can retrieve the private key using the password and use that private key to sign data randomly-generated from input from both the client and the server.
This data and the digital signature are evidence of the private key's validity. The digital signature can be created only with that private key and can be validated with the corresponding public key against the signed data, which is unique to the SSL session. The client sends both the user's certificate and the randomly-generated data across the network and the server uses the certificate and the signed data to authenticate the user's identity.
But in the test file, i dont see any function taking private key password.
I am totally newbie in this area and Please correct If I have added something wrong here and request you to help me in this regard.

On Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 1:59 AM, Emmanuel Rodriguez <emmanuel rodriguez gmail com> wrote:
On Tue, Dec 27, 2011 at 19:32, sukanya c <sukanya mc gmail com> wrote:

I am working for ActiveSync application that uses libsoup library.

The requirement is to provide support for Client Certificate based Authentication using libsoup.
I searched on the web and I don't find any relevant guide on how to implement using libsoup..

Please help with sample code on how to set client certificate and handling corresponding error code information

The test file ssl-test.c [1] shows how to use a certificate. Is it of any help?


Emmanuel Rodriguez

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