Re: libsoup-2.4 branch merged to trunk

On Sat, Jan 19, 2008 at 02:59:29AM +0100, Wouter Cloetens wrote:
> "msg->status (the I/O status) is now gone as well, because (a) it's
> really an internal state of SoupSession, and (b) it's too easy to

> My async client actually uses practically every different state to track
> what it needs to do next. I guess I can rewrite it to keep track of the
> status myself, but I see one problem. I call soup_message_io_unpause()
> in CONNECTING or RUNNING state, but not in QUEUED. I probably made that
> distinction because of a bad experience. Can I safely call
> soup_session_unpause_message() in QUEUED in 2.4?

It's OK, I can tell the state transition from the fact that the
got_headers callback was invoked.
I've ported the GStreamer souphttpsrc plugin to 2.4 now, and it works.
HTTP, HTTPS, Shoutcast, DAV, DAVS. (bug 510708).

One thing I'm still missing is application buffer management. I'd like
to be able to (1) control the maximum size of the chunks and (2) provide
pre-allocated buffers to eliminate copying data.

bfn, Wouter

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