Re: libsoup-2.4 branch merged to trunk

On Tue, Jan 15, 2008 at 12:50:37PM -0500, Dan Winship wrote:
> I've just merged the libsoup-2.4 branch to svn trunk. This is a big API
> break that fixes a ton of problems with libsoup. Coming soon: new
> features! Language bindings!

>From your porting guide:
"msg->status (the I/O status) is now gone as well, because (a) it's
really an internal state of SoupSession, and (b) it's too easy to
confuse with msg->status_code (the HTTP status) anyway. Code that
used to check if status was SOUP_MESSAGE_STATUS_FINISHED needs to be
rewritten to track whether or not the finished  signal has been

Ow, crap.
My async client actually uses practically every different state to track
what it needs to do next. I guess I can rewrite it to keep track of the
status myself, but I see one problem. I call soup_message_io_unpause()
in CONNECTING or RUNNING state, but not in QUEUED. I probably made that
distinction because of a bad experience. Can I safely call
soup_session_unpause_message() in QUEUED in 2.4?

If you want to see the code:
... and search for SOUP_MESSAGE_STATUS in gst_souphttp_src_create().

bfn, Wouter

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